A contemporary, powerful B2B concept


A contemporary, powerful B2B concept

AMF Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest property investment and development companies with 39 commercial premises in Stockholm. By developing and managing offices, retail parks and nearby areas, they contribute to a vibrant and attractive city.

In the fall of 2016, Make Your Mark was tasked with producing marketing materials to describe AMF Fastigheter’s key strengths and current city development projects in inspirational ways. The material was to work in print and in digital channels, and be available in Swedish as well as English.

Inspired by a study visit to King’s Cross in London, one of the city’s largest ongoing development projects, we drafted a proposal for a strongly attractive print product. Working closely with AMF Fastigheter, we produced content that included elements from 15 different projects. The concept followed a clear structure – with a modern graphical profile, strong imagery and a direct but relaxed copy tone.

“Inspired by a study visit to King’s Cross in London.”

The project also included the production of sales material focusing on two specific projects in AMF Fastigheter’s portfolio: Mood Stockholm and Urban Escape Stockholm. The material was to be used by sales people at trade shows and meetings with potential clients and partners.

Sales material reflected the physical expression of the marketing material, although it differed in format and type of paper. With its customisable design approach, the user was able to choose which elements to include. Respective projects could be inserted into a main folder with a plastic sleeve. We also produced a map of Stockholm that followed the same form expression.

The result was a series of compelling print products in a variety of formats and paper – that all remained faithful to the same clear and contemporary design identity.

A digital version  of the material was developed in tandem. The digital version followed the same graphical profile as the print product, and was adapted to enable integration with AMF Fastigheter’s website, as well as for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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