Contemporary medicine


Contemporary medicine

How do you present a world-leading hospital in editorial form? That was the question that faced us when we won a project to develop a new magazine for Karolinska University Hospital in the fall of 2008. The answer was Soma, a popular science title for anyone interested in modern medicine. Readers were offered details about recent developments and a tantalizing glimpse into everyday healthcare. At the same time, we reflect and strengthen Karolinska’s unique brand.

Just as with Soma, the aim is to write about complex medical issues in an easily understandable and entertaining way.

We produced Soma in print, distributed in the hospital’s waiting rooms. It was widely appreciated and won a series of awards, including the Guldbladet and the Svenska Publishingpriset. We then saw a need for a new approach. We wanted to give the magazine a wider reach and the content a more flexible form. So in spring of 2013, the project entered a new stage: we redevised the entire magazine to be a digital site named Karolinska Magasin.

A new issue was launched twice a year at Just as with Soma, the aim is to write about complex medical issues in an easily understandable and entertaining way. It can cover everything from allergies to Ebola, from doctors’ and patients’ viewpoints. And we have also wanted to step away from writing exclusively about Karolinska’s activities, and towards a context where we explore medicine on a global level. So for every issue, we visit another innovative hospital somewhere in the world.


The step from paper to web has also produced faster monitoring. The site features a blog for current news stories or guest writers, and these articles spread gain further coverage via social media. Since 2014 we also produce a podcast that brings the magazine even closer to readers. In each issue, we delve into a specific topic with leading researchers.

Our work with Karolinska has assumed many different guises during the eight years we have worked with them. They have not only taught us that healthcare is a limitless area, but also how important it is to get the message about Karolinska’s work out to a wider audience. This is where the editorial format plays a key role: to connect the brain to the heart.

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