The MYM way


At Make Your Mark we believe that knowledge is the basis for all great content marketing, knowledge that grows from project to project. All our collaborations start with a number of questions that cover key points such as: what do we want to happen, who do we want to reach, where will it happen, how should it happen, when should it happen, and how do we measure it? Our analysts, planners, concept developers and editors provide answers to all these questions – in close co-ordination with you, the client. This results in a strategy that defines the project, and that informs the concept phase, during which communication methods are decided for various channels, and one which determines why recipients will respond to the content directed at them.


Research and analysis
Workshops and documentation
Communication strategies for all channels
Brand and design strategy
Aims and KPIs


The number of messages we are exposed to every day is vast, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands and organizations to get noticed, and to ensure that their communication is effective. That’s why at Make Your Mark we focus on creating content that attracts attention, fires the imagination, as well as provides depth and inspires confidence. We also favor packaging content – in print and in digital – so that your message is robust and able to compete for attention with existing media, and can carve out its own space in daily information consumption.


Award-winning magazine design
UX-focused design for digital platforms
In-depth journalism
Sales-driving content
We package content so that it works independently, or as part of a 360-solution


Everything we do is designed to maximize the number of people we reach, and to make impressions as long-lasting as possible within relevant target groups. Follow-up measurement is therefore a key element of all our projects. Together with every client, we set goals for what we need to achieve, and with the help of a measurement technique developed by MYM research, we then measure set KPIs. In this way, we evaluate the effectiveness of our communication, at the same time as creating a continuous learning process of how we can achieve even stronger results.


Measure reach, reading times, changes in attitude and purchasing behaviors
Audit and analyze unique visitors, page views and conversions
Monitor visitors, opening frequency, clicks and conversions in real time
Set up campaigns that increase conversion, reach and engagement

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